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About Capability Scotland

Founded in 1946, Capability Scotland delivers exemplary care, support and education for disabled children and adults across Scotland

Our Vision

Capability Scotland strives to be a major ally in supporting disabled people to have full equality of opportunity and participation as citizens.

Our Purpose

Capability Scotland will meet the individual needs of customers by delivering exemplary care, support and education.  By empowering every customer, we will enable them to have a voice, realise their ambitions and achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

We will work with people with complex and diverse needs, building on our extensive experience to create personalised care, support and education that reflects our values.

We will deliver care, support and education that provides choice and progression across all age groups and will support individuals to achieve their outcomes.

We will continue to develop innovative, high quality solutions to address gaps in care and support provision.

We will empower:

  • children and young people to achieve their true potential through education;
  • every customer to have a voice, realise their ambitions and achieve their full potential;
  • our staff by strengthening our focus on safeguarding and values, and by embedding learning and development in the workplace.