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Customer Advisory Group

Capability Scotland's Customer Advisory Group (CAG) plays a vital role within Capability Scotland providing a direct channel of communication between customers, the Main Board of Trustees, Executive Management Board and vice versa.

The CAG ensures that our customers' points of view and concerns are on the Main Board's agenda on an ongoing basis.

Independent Chair, Kitty Joyce, and Vice-Chair, Alan Dick, explain how the CAG works:

"The purpose of the CAG is straightforward, it ensures that customers and the Main Board of Trustees have a way of communicating which is both regular and meaningful.

"We have 10 members and meet 4 times a year to discuss issues which have been brought to us by customers from across Capability Scotland. The information often comes to us through the Have Your Say Meetings which Alan and I also attend.  It is our job at the CAG to use our judgement to decide which issues need to be raised with the Main Board of Trustees.

In addition to the regular reports,  Alan and Kitty also meet with Board of Trustees Chair and the Chief Executive twice a year.

The meetings are relaxed and informal but they are invaluable, as Alan explained: "Knowing that we have this opportunity to communicate our needs with the decision makers in the organisation has been a very positive development for customers."

"Meeting in person and discussing our issues helps to reaffirm that our voices are being heard.  Our relationship is based on mutual respect and an understanding of each other's responsibilities and priorities."

"For anyone that is interested in getting involved I would say it is certainly worthwhile. Making sure customers' voices are heard is one of the most important jobs in the organisation and Alan and I are very proud of how the CAG is helping to make this happen."

For more information about the CAG or to find out how you can get involved in the CAG please contact Kate Lock.

Photograph of Kitty Joyce and Alan Dick

Alan & Kitty photographed above