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Meet Greig

"I used to find communication difficult, but now it's a lot easier". Greig has cerebral palsy and uses an Accent 1400 communication device. We recently caught up with Greig at Upper Springland where he told us how he can use his Accent 1400 to change his Dad's favourite channel and get out of hoovering!

You may recognise Greig from various places - he has been very busy.  Greig was part of Capability Scotland's Song for the Commonwealth project in 2014 and scaled Arthur's Seat in our Peak 2 Peak challenge in 2015 where his aim was to raise awareness and funds for Upper Springland's new inclusive Gym which opened earlier this year.

Greig has also been instrumental in the development of Talking Mats from a young age too and starred in one of their early videos.  'I have worked with Talking Mats in the past, I trialled their initial communication system and also help with the development of their app.  I have also worked with Dundee University to help teach the doctor and nursing students about communication tools, giving them hands on practical experience'.

Talking about overcoming communication barriers Greig said:

"When I was very young I found it very difficult to communicate, I would be with other children playing games but couldn't spontaneously input into conversation, by the time I was given the opportunity to communicate the moment had passed which I found frustrating. Over the years I have tried out different communication tools which have improved with time. I currently use an Accent 1400 communication system which means I can do lots of things including annoy my Dad by changing the television channel when he is watching football! I can also develop my language by connecting the Accent 1400 to the computer and sing - which is how I got to be involved in the song 'When Your Voice Is But a Whisper'.

There is still a long way to go with AAC tools; I would like them to be more slim line and to have a different voice that has tones. I have seen a lot of change in AAC tools in my life time and I am sure I will see many more in the future."