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Assistive Technology

Capability Scotland has been using Music Technology since 2006, helping those that use our services to get involved in composing and performing music.

An integral part of this service is Soundbeam: an exciting and fully-accessible ultrasonic 'instrument'. By connecting Soundbeam to any MIDI device it is able to convert movement into music, allowing anybody to produce a musical sequence through the mere wave of a hand- or even the blink of an eye.

Enhancing the accessibility is the option to adapt the length of the beam, which then allows it to respond to even the smallest of movements. Soundbeam can also be linked to switches and buttons, which makes it further accessible to people with any amount of motor skills.

In Specialist Education, Soundbeam has been recognised as a key resource in assisting a wide range of individuals with a broad range of needs and disabilities, greatly improving their lives. In practice, once a connection is made between themselves and the sounds they are controlling, they are able to communicate, become expressive, and in many instances, achieve national curriculum targets.

Soundbeam gives the potential for accessibility to the sounds of a number of instruments and, more importantly, it allows control of that sound. It is a fantastic tool for integrating mainstream individuals and those with complex needs, along with granting the power of musical expression; both of are wonderfully empowering.