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Person Centred Planning

Person-centred planning is the next step in our commitment to offering customers a specialist and individually-tailored service, allowing the individual to be in control of each and every decision.

Primarily, the customer chooses a group of people - be that friends or family - to help and support them to make decisions and take control of their life. This inclusion ensures that physical, emotional, social and personal development needs are met in a truly individualised way.

What participants have said:

"I found the person centred planning process both positive and motivating. Working with people who are close to me helped me to recognise my skills and gifts and think about how I could pursue these meaningfully." - Margaret Anne Howard, Capability Scotland Customer.

"I found the process to be very relaxed and comfortable and a great way of increasing my understanding of Margaret Anne's needs, experiences and goals in life. On a personal level, I have found the experience motivating as it has raised my awareness of how the support provided by Capability Scotland makes a difference to people's lives.  The process also helps to establish and maintain strong relationships between staff and the individuals who use our services as we make a commitment together to helping people achieve their goals." - Danielle Morton, Assistant Support Worker.