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Recruitment of Staff

Capability Scotland's greatest asset is its people, and we operate a comprehensive recruitment process to make sure that all our staff are committed, highly skilled, and well-suited to the organisation.

Crucially, the individuals who use our services are involved in every stage of the recruitment process. This is important not only as part of our ISO registration and Care Commission Standards, but as part of Capability Scotland's longstanding commitment to service user involvement.

There are a number of ways for service users to get involved in the recruitment process*:

  • They can contribute to the job advert or job specifications.
  • Sit on an interview panel or observe candidates in group situations and provide feedback.

What customers have said:

Alan Dick attends our Junction 52 (J52) day service and has been involved in Capability Scotland's recruitment process for several years:

"When I heard that I could get involved in recruiting Capability Scotland staff I thought it was a really good idea. The first step was to attend a training course which explained the different ways I could contribute, and since then I have helped fill several support worker roles within J52.

"I am usually part of the interview panel for potential candidates and have the opportunity to ask any questions I think are important to the job. I have more or less a free reign in terms of what questions I want to ask and I can ask the questions in my own words which is important to me.

"Before each interview I think about what the job entails and what questions I can ask to get a feel of what the person I am interviewing is really like. Having the qualifications to do the job is one thing, but how well you fit in personally and if you will be happy in the job is another, and I think I am a good judge of this."

*Service users' involvement is recorded at each stage to ensure consistency across a range of services.