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Self Directed Support

The right support for you

About self directed support

Self directed support is a different way of arranging and paying for the support you need. It lets you choose what's important to you and how you want your care and support to be provided in order to enable you to achieve your outcomes.

How does self directed support work?

Your Local Authority or Health & Social Care Partnership will decide how much money you need for your support. This money is sometimes called your 'individual' or 'personal' budget.

You can then choose how you want to manage your money.

You can:

  • Get the money to pay for your support
  • Ask your Local Authority/HSCP to give the money to an organisation, like Capability Scotland, who you have chosen to provide your support
  • Ask the Local Authority/HSCP to organise and pay for your support

You can use a mixture off all three if you want to organise some of your support yourself and let the local authority do the rest.

Who can get self directed support?

Most people who get a service from a local authority will be able to get personalised support. Your local authority can tell you if you can get personalised support.

What can I get with personalised support?

There are lots of ways you can use personalised support. You can get support to live in your own home;  you can use it to help you go to college or work; or to do activities you enjoy like going out with friends or taking part in a sports club.  You could pay for a person to help you take part in clubs or classes in your area. You can also use your personalised budget to help you take a short-break or to help pay for special equipment you need.

Next steps?

If you currently receive care and support from Capability Scotland, your key worker will be happy to talk to you about self directed support. You can also talk it over with your family, friends and social worker if you have one.