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Learning for Life

At Capability Scotland we understand that children learn best when they are in an environment that is responsive to their needs. In Corseford School our experienced team provide tailored education programmes which best meet the needs of disabled children and young people.

In Corseford School each learner follows an individualised education programme underpinned by Curriculum for Excellence and GIRFEC.

Excellent and sustained progress in education is supported by our range of on-site multi-disciplinary specialists. Our learners benefit from a range of experiences and opportunities to support them in becoming successful learners, effective contributors, responsible citizens and confident individuals.

Until the end of S3, learners follow the Broad General Education supported by accreditation as part of the Junior Award Scheme Scotland.

In our Senior Phase from S4, learners experience further personalisation and choice as part of their curriculum. Learners work towards accreditation with the SQA and ASDAN. As part of our transition programme, learners have further opportunities to develop vital skills for learning, life and work. Their programme supports them to make a positive transition from school into an appropriate and fulfilling destination.