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Support Childcare 4 All this spring

"Thanks to Childcare 4 All, I know that our confident little boy will thrive." Meet Bex mother of Jamie, when Jamie was eighteen months old Bex found out that he had cerebral palsy. Like any mother in a similar situation, Bex was worried for the future of her child; she struggled to find advice to support her, Jamie and her family. It wasn't until an internet search later that Bex came across Capability Scotland's website and found out about our Childcare 4 All service.

Childcare 4 All enables children to gain confidence and learn alongside non-disabled children while receiving the support they need in their mainstream nursery setting. Jamie needed support with exercises and stretching as his brain was still developing it was important that these were started from a young age to give him the best chance of overcoming the obstacles he would face in the future. Jamie was at nursery and was gaining confidence daily, learning alongside his non-disabled peers, but doing exercises at home after nursery exhausted him.


Bex and her family thought they were going to have to take Jamie out of nursery to make more time for exercises, which would have held him back and separated him from his friends. Not only would this have required Bex to give up work, but it would have placed the family under financial strain as well as isolated the family further in a time they needed support. It was when they were faced with this situation that Bex came across Capability Scotland's Childcare 4 All service through an internet search.

After initial contact with Childcare 4 All, Claire from Capability Scotland attended Jamie's nursery and worked alongside his key worker showing her the relevant exercises to ensure that Jamie could be supported in the nursery and not miss out on the activities other children were participating in. He quickly made huge improvements. Soon he was soon making an effort to use his right side and was able to climb stairs independently which he hadn't been able to do before. Now that the nursery were focusing on Jamie's exercises, Jamie's mum and dad were able to concentrate on playing with Jamie at home, developing the kind of relationship that all parents should enjoy with their children.

Jamie now attends nursery four days a week. With the support Claire provided Childcare 4 All no longer need to be at the nursery every day. Instead they are providing funding for Jamie's key worker to receive ongoing support and training and are always at the end of the phone if help is required. Now Childcare 4 All and Claire are helping other children like Jamie to ensure that they can stay in a mainstream setting as well.

"It's not possible to overestimate the impact it's had. He wasn't really using his right side at all, but now he's really making an effort to use it. He's a joy, he's lovely to be around and it's nice to be able to rediscover that joy because it's easy to lose that when all you see is what he can't do and what might not be the case."
Bex Carter


Thanks to Childcare 4 All, when Jamie goes to school, it will be to a mainstream primary school with his non-disabled friends. You can help other disabled children across Scotland get the support they need by making a donation to Capability Scotland, enabling them to have a bright future like Jamie.

Did you know that donating £17.50 will pay for one play session with a disabled child showing them how to play? £50 can buy a play bag for a disabled child, including toys and equipment designed to enable the child to join in play sessions at their nursery? You can donate online or by calling 0800 980 5331.

If you fancy more of a challenge, you might want to consider raising money through participation in an event. Last year, as a thank you to Capability Scotland, Bex ran the Edinburgh marathon and raised over £3,000 and this year Bex's running club are holding an LP run to raise funds for the programme. If you're interested in the LP run or other fundraising events, head over to our new fundraising pages.