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How your donations help...

On average 1 bag of donations, when signed up for Gift Aid, sells for £25 and £25 can go a long way.

Did you know that by filling 1 bag we could.

  • buy a colourful box of paints, fabric and bubble wrap to encourage little fingers to explore different textures and use their imagination to create wonderful works of art or enjoy splattering paint on paper to make their first picture for Mummy and Daddy.
  • buy three switches which give a speech impaired adult the chance to communicate.

Did you know that by filling 2 bags we could.

  • give one member of staff the training, tools and support they need to make sure they are helping people reach their full communication potential.
  • buy sensory equipment for one of our sensory rooms across our services, helping to provide a calm, relaxing and stimulating environment for people.

Did you know that by filling 4 bags we could.

  • help keep our Hearts in Harmony community choir, who recently received a Highly Commended award in the Chorus Awards, singing for another week.
  • help us buy a range of adapted art materials enabling more people to experience the therapeutic benefits of art.